Monday, 29 July 2013

The Proof is in the Savour - AURORA Seasoning

AURORA'S AURORA'S Green Seasoning has been in existence since 1998 and has been a flourishing business since. It is owned by Vincentian Alita Garraway, who operates from her home in Belair. At present, AURORA supplies products to over twenty five (25) different outlet throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines, notably hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. And is seeking to further expand into regional markets and international markets. at AURORA we specialize in the Processing of frozen hams, seasonings, pepper sauces and ripe breadfruit cake with and without eggs. 

AURORA PEPPER Sauces This is pepper sauces with savour special ingredients added for different meats. This special blend of peppers, gives the sauce a unique taste. They are variety of pepper sauces to die for.
Pepper sauces include 
• Regular pepper sauce 
• Pepper sauce with lime juice for fish, 
• Pepper sauce with mint for lamb, 
• Pepper sauce with ginger for pork 

AURORA'S Green Seasoning: This seasoning is a seasoning with a difference. Hand made with a unique blend of natural ingredients, herbs and spices that adds mouth watering flavours to a variety of dishes, perfectly combining ingredients that are 100 % natural with no artificial additives.
Ms Alita Garraway, Owner of AURORA Seasoning
What makes AURORA unique! Unlike most other seasonings where other ingredients are added to natural components, AURORA can be used as a salad dressing or mayonnaise, seasoning for all types of meats. Our seasonings are not cooked, and therefore do not need to be refrigerated. 

Choose AURORA'S today 

AURORA'S Pork Seasoning: This is the newest addition to the market. It is a special mix of herbs designed specifically for pork. However it can still be used on other meats such as chicken and mutton, where the unique taste still stands.'S Curry Seasoning: This is one of my other new seasoning for curry foods because no mustard or curry in it, the difference is Saffron/Tumeric and Shadow Benny which gives your food a different taste and smell. A Genuine Taste with a Difference 




  1. very innovative and enterprising. I like the attention given to the importance of research and development alongside product development.

  2. Very good effort... and compliment how much passion is used when conducting your business gives one the idea of the quality product you produce...

  3. 100 % natural with no artificial additives? What else can one ask for? You are sure you are getting the real deal without having to 'do it yourself.' In this fast pace life, that is definitely a plus.

  4. Well dont Alita and good luck on the expansion of the business. Cant wait to taste the seasoning's.

  5. Just letting everybody know that all my products are onion free.